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Daryl Wilson


The desire to create is embedded deep in our spiritual DNA and the very act of creating honors our reason for being. It’s fair to say that Daryl worked his way to his current position as CEO of Wilson Audio from the bottom up. Daryl has virtually done it all at Wilson Audio: from sweeping the parking lot and cleaning toilets, to working in service and sales; from twisting wires in a small garage in California, to assembling composite loudspeaker enclosures in Wilson Audio's Provo facility; from pushing the proverbial envelope in the acquisition of cutting-edge measurement and engineering tools, to leading the research, development, and engineering team for many of the most important and well respected loudspeaker design projects in the Company’s storied 50 year history (1974-2024). Along the way, Daryl gained insights into nearly all aspects of the business of Wilson Audio. Daryl has been involved in the development of more than half of all the products Wilson Audio has brought to market. He has enjoyed working with and leading some of the most talented and experienced engineers in the audio industry. The engineers and members of the design team have more than a century of experience at Wilson Audio between them. With Daryl at its head, Wilson Audio's founder David A. Wilson (1944-2018), and Daryl's father, gave the R&D department more freedom to exercise its knowledge and experience. He has been extremely successful in this undertaking—a direct result of Dave’s initiative and intense commitment to mentor Daryl and the design team. It is a group of talented individuals who share Dave’s core values and his deep and wide technological insights and knowledge. Daryl has an educational background in International Business and art. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in International Business, yet, most importantly he possesses the heart of an artist. His sense of visual beauty and inventiveness works to profound effect in his industrial designs, the fruit of which are some of Wilson Audio's most striking loudspeakers. You can see his eye for intricate attention to detail, combined with a fluid, organic, sophisticated, and graceful design aesthetic in the Chronosonic XVX, Alexx V, Sasha V, and the SabrinaX, to name but a few. Beyond Daryl's creations at Wilson Audio he has painted on canvas and sandpaper, written 16 personal books of poetry and stories, taught hatha/rasa yoga for almost a decade, and is a collector of those things which are wonderfully nostalgic to him.

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