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Beans (Mr. Ballbeam)


I have released two LPs and one EP on Anti-Pop Consortium's former label Warp Records since launching my solo career in 2003. My third solo album Only was released on Thirsty Ear in 2005, followed by Thorns on Adored And Exploited in 2007. In 2011, I released the fifth solo album, End It All on Anticon. I've collaborated with Vernon Reid of Living Colour, Kool A.D., Ghislain Poirier, Arto Lindsay, Alec Empire, Funkstörung, Holy Fuck, Evil Nine, DJ Shadow among others. In 2013, I worked with Ghostly International producer, Mux Mool, under the name Knifefight. We recorded a 6 track, cassette-only release for Anticon. In 2017, after a five-year hiatus and the completion of numerous simultaneous projects on my new imprint, Tygr Rawwk Rcrds, I returned to the public eye with 3 new albums, as well as my first novel, Die Tonight. One album in the trilogy, HAAST, deals with social issues surrounding the increased unaccountability of violence towards Black America. Since the trilogy in 2017, I've remained active with 7 more full length releases on Tygr Rawwk Rcrds that include albums Nights Without Smiles, Nibiru Tut, Someday This Will All Be Ash, Ace Balthazar, Team Break UP, and Venga in 2020 as well as the Bermuda Serpent Saliva Man/Viragor single in 2021. I'm currently working on the next full length release, Harrower, as well as a collaborative album with producer Vladislav Delay called ZWAARD.

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